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aesthetic simplicity.

About Peevv.

By challenging the consumption culture that we are dragged into with fabricated products wrapping around us; Peevv was established in 2017 with the desire to process what comes from nature and what is suitable for nature in natural methods.

Since then, we have aimed to create products that can stay with their users for years without spoiling, and to always consider sustainable living options, inspired by the leaves of the oak tree, which symbolizes strength in many beliefs for centuries, even if it turns yellow.In order to keep the satisfaction of our customers at the highest level at all times, with the designs we make for the needs of modern life and the first-class genuine leathers we use, we have given life to our products in the hands of our precious craftsmen who sew each product individually and with care.

With a strong investment we received in April 2021, we continue to work with all our excitement in order to provide our customers with a more reliable and higher quality service than ever before.